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:: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 ::

5¢ Architecture

"It’s no secret that architecture has been hit by the recession (yes, even that impenetrable bastion of technical wizardry, jargon, theory, and - oh nevermind). 27-year old Seattle resident John Morefield can attest: he was laid off not once, but twice in a single year as projects dry up and small firms tighten budgets. So what’s a boy to do? Watch Peanuts cartoons and hang out at the local farmers’ market?

"Why yes indeedy. Morefield’s concept for Architecture 5¢ — edificially inspired by Charles Schulz’s psychiatrist booth for Lucy — is bringing architecture to the people, and people to the architecture. For a nickel, passerby can ask questions that range from simple (”What’s the best insulation to use next to concrete in a basement?”) to complex (”We have a 700-square foot Seattle bungalow and want to add a second story because we’re expecting our first child… Help!”)."

[full story on flavorwire]

As an aside, there's an architect I'm working with on a new school at the moment. In meetings he makes sound effects as he sketches the ideas being discussed. It reminds me of the animation sequences from Rainbow. It tickles me every time. More people should soundtrack their lives like this. (Skip to 2:30 in the video if you don't have a clue what I'm on about.)

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