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:: Thursday, December 10, 2009 ::

Stokes Croft Archaeology

A team of homeless people are to begin excavating a derelict corner of Bristol which has been used by rough sleepers for more than 40 years.

"Turbo Island" in Stokes Croft is to be excavated in a project funded by the Council of British Archaeology.

"We have found evidence of homelessness in the form of drinking and drug taking paraphernalia such as ring pulls, needles and a syringe, which we are going to try and date because it doesn't look modern.

"We also found a turquoise imitation ring."

Smiler, 44, has just been re-housed in Dove Street after 20 years of homelessness, and has been helping the experts on the dig.

He said: "I am not sure how much homeless people will value the dig because they have a day to day existence – it's a shame but it's the way it is. But I do think it is worth doing because it teaches people how the homeless live.

"The most interesting thing I have found here today is a steri cup – an aluminium container people use to cook heroin. I was really surprised because people don't normally have them in Bristol."

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:: Dan 10.12.09 [Arc] [4 comments] [links to this post] ::
What utter bollocks! slow news day or what?!!! They'd be better off digging up Brunswick cemetery, at least they'd find some bones too!
To be honest I think this one should be filed under humour. It's a nice tongue in cheek way of bringing some attention to homelessness issues. I'm just surprised that the Post has regurgitated a press release that I suspect the majority of their readership isn't going to get.
Yeah but it'll just disintegrate into an argument between motorists and cyclists and the BNP anyway.
Don't forget the Christians.
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