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:: Friday, October 02, 2009 ::

MP3 Friday

Goatlab Radio is back!

It’s been a long while since the last Goatlab radio show and after many a request from our dedicated fans we’re back with a bang! Dan Gusset & Parasite bring you an eclectic mix of fine electronic music and random banter. And to add to the fun we’ve launched a competition to win a limited edition Monster Zoku Onsomb! T-shirt! Listen to the show for details and email your answers to childrenof@thegoatlab.com.

Download the show here: Goatlab Radio September 2009


  1. Milanese vs Run DMC - Cold Adidas (Bun-E) [rar download link]
  2. T-Toe - Big Girls (Ideation)
  3. Gusset - Databent UrbEx (Weft)
  4. Michael J Rocks - Stop Breaking My ARP (Ninja Columbo ZoMbfree)
  5. Pidgin - Crash (Dub)
  6. Monster Zoku Onsomb! - Children of the Atom [Mirra & Fay remix] (Death$ucker)
  7. Sneaky - Open House (Big Chill)
  8. Propa Tingz ft Dakini - Babylons Scared (Freaks of Nature)
  9. Gasman - Cliq (Centrefuge)
  10. Sine Hacker - Consequence (Weft)
  11. Sunken Foal - A Beard of Mercury Switches (Relay)
  12. Kamerat Tord - The Billow Maidens (Death$ucker)
  13. Seekae - Crooks (Ideation)
  14. Endah - Your Soul is Mine (Ninja Columbo ZoMbfree)

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