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:: Tuesday, February 10, 2009 ::

The Perils of Acoustic Consultancy

Starting Pistol - The perils of acoustic consultancy

Sometimes I have to measure the Reverberation Time in a space. In large spaces sometimes a starting pistol is required, as here. Sometimes this leaves residue of explosives on my clothes or my testing equipment. I then get stopped by airport security in Belfast or at the Eurostar terminal because I've tested positive for explosives and have a lot of explaining to do.

Sometimes, in smaller rooms, popping a balloon is good enough. This means I have to go and buy balloons from an old woman who is suspicious I am going to use them for selling nitrous [oxide] at "raves."

With a memory as bad as mine I have to write a note on my hand before I go out for lunch to remind me to buy balloons. Today I choose to draw a small picture of a balloon as it would be more subtle than writing the word.

When I draw a small sketch like that one of these two thoughts commonly result:
1. Not bad, I should sketch little things like that more often, it's strangely satisfying.
2. Fuck. I've just drawn a sperm on the back of my hand.

Today was one of the latter.

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:: Dan 10.2.09 [Arc] [2 comments] [links to this post] ::
Ever tried something like this http://www.europasport.de/images/2499-helo.jpg for testing in more volumious spaces? It's really loud and quite broadband.

I tried it, when measuring the reverberation time of an atrium (of the Lab where I worked that time) and it did its job. Although i don't have any experience with measurements in really huge spaces.

Plus: No one will consider you being a terrorist, but a sports teacher. Hm... is that better? ;-)
I have used the two-hunks-of-wood method. That looks like an over engineered version of the same thing. ;-]
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