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:: Saturday, January 03, 2009 ::

IKEA Hacking

"IKEA is the perfect family shopping paradise, but as
Mark Hoekstra strolled through his hometown IKEA,
something bothered him. They sell everything, for
parents, for kids – they’ve thought of everything, simply
everything. From knobs for your kitchen door to cheap
ice cream after you’ve finished shopping, there's
nothing that has escaped the minds of our Swedish
interior overlords. But... where's the sex?"

IKEA Love Toy - Mark Hoekstra. Photo Leo Veger

GYNEA by Sander van Bussel - Photgraphy by Leo Veger

"GYNEA provides a glimpse into the private lives of
omnipresent IKEA products. The hyper-impersonal IKEA
chair becomes the place where the most intimate and
personal activities take place. A piece of furniture many people in the world own is transformed into a private domain."

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