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:: Monday, January 05, 2009 ::


"Xmas morning is the only time that London is (almost) empty of humans - so a morning spent cycling around town taking photos."

Motorway Map of the UK in the style of the London Underground Map

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In the winter of light
"There are architecture photographers [who] refuse to photograph anything from November up to February," Michiel van Raaij writes on his blog Eikongraphia. "In their view the long shadows and dimmed light intensity of the winter season compromises their work. The effect is that – in the architecture media – not only the sun always shines, but that it is also never winter."

Architects of the Near Future
Check the stills from the Dan Farmer film.

Warmed by Crematorium
I recently worked on the design of a retirement home next door to a crematorium. It seemed a bit presumptuous, if inevitable. This goes several steps further, but I like the green credentials.

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