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:: Monday, October 20, 2008 ::

J. Cauty and Son

Artist/culture jammer Jimmy Cauty's latest project: horrifically gory versions of classic animated cartoon cells
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I've just bought one of these:

Not an entirely new idea (see Massimo Mattioli's "Squeak the Mouse" for example) but very nicely executed, if you forgive the phrase. But nice to see something other than Disney getting subverted for a change.

Talking of which, Grom recently linked to the stunning animationbackgrounds blog. This also focused a little too much on Disney for my liking. OK, so some of the artwork is amazing, but it's not the strange angled, hard lined, brightly coloured toons I grow up loving. Check the Warner Brothers and Tom and Jerry tags for that.

^ Click for large size.

P.S. Some of Cauty's 4th Class Stamps in my flickr stream.

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