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:: Wednesday, August 06, 2008 ::

Self Help

I saw a trailer on Channel 4 last night for the show Make Me a Christian. I found the idea of this repugnant. OK, so it may be fairly well balanced and may turn out to show the pros and cons of Christianity equally. But to be truly fair, shouldn't they be running Make Me An Atheist along side it?

The argument that you shouldn't take belief away from people, only give it to them, is weak. There are alternatives and people should be told what they are. For example, it should be explained that the morals we collectively live by are not necessarily of biblical origin, as religious people assume they are. People should be given the information and allowed to think for themselves.

Maybe a strand in the format of How to Look Good Naked could be replaced by How to Think for Yourself? It doesn't need to present any conclusions, it just has to present the evidence that one side of the argument would prefer you didn't see and give the other side a chance to respond. I wouldn't expect it to change society in any way, but it should be done nonetheless.

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