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:: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 ::


weston 3
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I happened to be working in Weston yesterday so had a look at the pier. These were taken around 10am and the blaze was under control by then.

I was listening to GWR **shudder** as I was driving towards Weston. (My excuse for listening to it was that the hire car was already tuned to it and the Weston story hooked me in as I was heading there.) The reports were ridiculous. They compared the loss of the structure to the Twin Towers and compared the outpouring of grief to when Diana died! Twats. Then some troll phoned in to try and give them a dose of perspective and told them it was a good thing it was gone as it needed modernising. Then the death threats for this guy started. It was hilarious. Exactly what shitty local radio is for.

I am sad to see this go, mainly because I fear some hideous new monstrosity may take its place. What I like about Weston is the air of grotty melancholy that surrounds all Victorian seaside towns. It's just not the English seaside without it.

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