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:: Monday, July 14, 2008 ::

Gusset Marriage Number Two

Congratulations to Sean and Ref!

Gusset, as a project, has taken a bit of a back seat recently. To Sean to a massive extent because he’s been arranging his wedding - he left for his honeymoon yesterday - and to a lesser extent for me because I was his best man. It was because of this public speaking engagement I volunteered for the stand-up set at Bash Out, I knew it would all be good practice. Anyway, as I spent a fair amount of time on this I may as well post it here. Aside from a few adlibs on the day this is how I rehearsed and (mostly) memorised it. It won’t all make sense but I’m sure you can work it out. Thanks to Amanda and Slim for there help and guidance with it.


Dan's Best Man's Speech for Sean and Ref's Wedding

Well, it was here but here's a little message from Sean instead:-

Thanks Dan, you did a lovely job on the speech and my friends and family enjoyed it. The rest of the world will have to wonder what you said sorry.

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