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:: Tuesday, June 17, 2008 ::

Second Look

"Photography competition & exhibition in St Nic’s market.

Bristol snappers challenge us all to take a second look at our city.

An exciting new exhibition, in which members of the public can participate, is running in Bristol this summer.

The exhibition itself is being organised by Second Look, a local photographers’ collective, and will be hosted by Cyan Arts – a new local art gallery in St Nicholas Market. The Bristol snappers will be showing their ‘Second Looks’ at our fair city throughout August and will be inviting the public to send in their own photos for possible inclusion in the show.

‘The pictures we will be showing reflect each photographer’s personal views of the city. We want to use this event to encourage people to look around at their environment and think about their own views of it. Each week in August we will choose our favourites of the images sent in to join our own on the wall.’ (Lisa Furness, Chair/coordinator)

The Second Look photographers will be looking for pictures that show unnoticed aspects of Bristol, what we might otherwise pass by, the small things we might take for granted, details with hidden interest or beauty, places which people might not normally be able to see.

The competition will be running from July 21st to August 23rd, enter by bringing your prints down to Cyan Arts, 78 Covered Market, St Nicholas Market, Bristol, BS1, or emailing them to bristolasecondlook@hotmail.co.uk.

Full competition details will be available in the gallery or on the Second Look website: www.myspace.com/bristolasecondlook"

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