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:: Monday, June 23, 2008 ::

International Noise Conference

International Noise Conference

"The International Noise Conference has an admirable manifesto: "15 minutes or less per act / no lap tops / no mixers / no droning" and the acts on their recently finished US tour have the best band names I've ever seen. They're coming to Japan/Korea in September, and Europe in April 2009, so you've got time to get a set together."
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It's a shame the UK leg is already fully booked, I would have tried to sneak a Bristol date in.

When you are limited to 15mins to show your skills. At making noise. Without the most ubiquitous piece of electronic music technology, the laptop, and when drones are banned, what do you do to stand out? You have a stupid childish name of course! These are my Top 15:

15. In the year of The Pig / Hem of His Garment
14. Filthmilk
13. Loop Retard
12. Gastric Lavage
11. Fat Worm of Error
10. Venereal Sandwich
9. Storytime with Grizzleby
8. Squid Fist
7. Magic is Kuntmaster
6. The Heart of the Whore
5. Abercrobie Sex Trio
4. Pharoah Faucett
3. Unicorn hard-on
2. My Left Uterus
1. 200Yearoldwolfpussy

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