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:: Monday, March 01, 2010 ::

MP3, er, Monday

I'm on holiday, what do you expect. I've got a house to paint.

"The latest instalment of Skip to the End is now available at www.thejuxtaposition.co.uk/skiptotheend.html
I'm afraid it's a bit **** so be careful about when and where you listen to it.
[55MB MP3 & tracklist on webpage]

More Braindance Podcasts

"Jazari is essentially an automated, electromechanical percussion ensemble, controlled using two Nintendo Wii controllers. It consists of a MacBook, a bunch of Arduino boards and a room full of drums fitted with solenoids and motors, and software written in MAX and Java which parses input from the Wii controls and plays the drums. The software is also capable of improvising with the human operator, by imitating, riffing off and mutating what he plays.

"Jazari was developed by a guy named Patrick Flanagan, who had been playing around with algorithmic composition, only to discover that people don't want to hear about algorithms, but do want to see a good live show. Anyway, here there are two videos: one of a Jazari performance (think robot samba float, conducted by a guy waving Wiimotes around; the music has a distinctly Afro-Brazilian feel to it), and one of Flanagan explaining how it works."

[Text via Null Device]

Worth watching for the eyebrows alone:

New Polar Bear album is out now! Samples on Boomkat.
Also new Monster X download EP, although I'm holding out for teh rumoured vinyl release of this.
Also need to get my ears around The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation CD asap

FACT magazine:
"Autechre have recorded our 122nd exclusive FACT mix. Autechre. Do we really need to explain who they are?"

Introducing the WRONGAMIN noise maker. (via leafcutter)

Disigned and built by Leafcutter John. Full schematic at http://www.leafcutterjohn.com

The Wrongamin is an excellent, easy to build sound maker that can create a range of sounds. From crackles not unlike the sound of a dusty old record to a deep hungry animal growl heard through several out of control AM radios.

Bonus: Anti-paedophilia protest reggae

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