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:: Monday, March 29, 2010 ::

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12 Monkeys - We did it

A Terry Gilliam original presented to photographer/assistant director Mark Egerton on completion of 12 Monkeys. Picture taken at Mark's "Images" exhibition at Photographique in Bristol, 11-24 Feb 2010. He's a thoroughly nice chap and hopefully doesn't mind me posting this here. Please follow the link to his site and check out his work.

I've just been reminded of this by the publication of Sylvain Margaine's book, Forbidden Places: Exploring Our Abandoned Heritage, which among many other fascinating abandoned spaces includes shots of the power plant used in the film, with 12 Monkeys stencils still sprayed over it.

Review spotted in the Jan 19 issue of the IET's E&T magazine.

And while I'm on the subject, check out the current issue's analysis of mash-up cultures potential in buisness:

"Different meanings and applications of mash-ups."

"Mash-ups are widely available for public use on the Internet, but are only just beginning to fulfil their potential in business environments. Organisations are looking at ways in which they can integrate mash-ups with existing software to display information collected from multiple data sources in order to aid business efficiency."

"Maps used to be simply scaled-down aerial diagrams of places containing navigational information. Now they contain layers of changing digital information, and it's a serious management issue, E&T explores."

"Mashup standards: crucial to enterprise acceptance"

"Mashup tools: enterprise enablers for the mashed age"

"Open-source ideas. Want to tap into new business? The old way was to brainstorm, but that's so last year. Today we set up reward-based 'ideagoras' - effectively a 'mash-up' management strategy. And it works."

"When Web 2.0 sneezes, everyone gets sick. Web 2.0 facilitates greater communication. But where consumers gather, so will the fraudsters and patterns are emerging on how fraudsters are utilising the weaknesses in social networks and Web 2.0."

The day I hear a board director in my office use the phrase mash-up I will fall off of my wheely chair. It doesn't look like this but I like the picture.


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