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:: Friday, March 19, 2010 ::

AV Friday

Quick early video post as I have a podcast to record. I'll update when its done. In the meantime, here's a nice collection of stuff via the V-Atak audiovisual label:

Click through to watch on the site.

Botborg presents "PSNKY Test Subject #1 : Connection to the Photosonicneurokineasthograph"

"Botborg is a practical demonstration of the theories of Dr Arkady Botborger (1923-81), founder of the 'occult' science of Photosonicneurokineasthography - translated as "writing the movement of nerves through use of sound and light". Raw electronic signals are fused and rewired to create intensely visceral experiences of sound-colour synaesthesia."

zombieflesheater visual

MoDuLe VxD "Arcade's revenge"

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