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:: Monday, February 15, 2010 ::

Project Mapping

Project Mapping has a great range of local and national rail maps with clean and innovative ideas about presentation of information. Check it out.

"A rail network map isn't just about how to get from A to B. A rail network map is about the identity of the business or organisation running services on those lines. It's what makes one operator distinct from another, it's what gives different systems their individual identity.

"Too much current map design is based slavishly on the London Underground map principles and not enough creative thinking goes into the interpretation of complex modern travel systems.

"This website is being developed as a resource portal for rail maps for education, to stimulate debate, present new ideas, criticise and congratulate.

"It is also a promotional site for new maps by Andrew Smithers. Andrew grew up in London fascinated by the tube map, and the Project Mapping name evolved from his graphic design consultancy."

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