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:: Friday, February 19, 2010 ::

MP3 Friday (is back!)

It's been a while.

Sunwarped Records "HURRICANE HELICOPTER" Compilation [55MB zip]
01 - Modem - Winter's Debilitating Grip
02 - Menagam - Water Dumps
03 - captainmarmalade - two ghosts eating a pancake
04 - Exillon - Chapi Chapo Remix
05 - shift tab - dim lot
06 - Solypsis - oil spill
07 - Not Breathing - Ball Hammerer Dub
08 - Terminal 11 - Self Exorcism

More Braindance Podcasts - this applies every week, keep an eye on this link.

Bedroom Research have launched a new website. Check the Discotek page. (Having said that I just tested some random links and some of them are dead, hopefully that'll be sorted soon.)

Kettel - Raafstep on soundcloud

This one slipped the net a few weeks ago:
Raoul Sinier - Taste My Mix

Miike Teknoist says:
"The vast majority of dubstep i think sucks but Septic Insurgent makes 'music' from a genre that doesnt see alot (quite cheap coming from a gabber/breakcore enthusiast innit ;) anyway, keep your eyes peeled for tracks from him on my new techno label out soon.. also, get your peepers round the awesome guest artwork from Harry Shotton.
ninjacolumboZoMbFREE8-SEPTICINSURGENT-Analemma [38MB zip]


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