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:: Friday, January 01, 2010 ::

MP3 New Year's Day

"The Skip to the End review of the decade is now on line at www.thejuxtaposition.co.uk/skiptotheend.html [tracklist etc.]
It's a personal look back at the last 10 years which is tricky seeing as I have difficulty remembering what I did last week. Consequently there are some blatant ommissions (no Venetian Snares, Rotator, Dub Step or Ukuleles - you've probably had enough of them from previous casts) and it's 25% longer than normal.
Feel free to skip to the end of all the opinionated text that accompanies the track list.
Hope you enjoy it and have a Happy New Year.

Direct link [70MB MP3]

Jon Rose plays 'The Fence' at the Viitasaari 'Time of Music' Festival
Embedded audio on that page ^

Yes, it really is someone playing a barbed wire fence like a violin. And it sounds amazing. See the Relative Violins page for some other fantastical instruments.

Spectra Liquid site says:
"HO HO HO! Christmas would be nothing without gifts. Therefore, we and our newly signed artist, Frank Riggio, decided to give you his second album, Anamorphose, for FREE! That's right, 14 tracks of cinematic, experimental electronica, ranging from nu-jazz to film score soundtrack atmospheres and detailed sound design patterns are now available in both mp3 and wav. Only a few months before Frank's first CD-release on Spectraliquid, he couldn't provide the label and his own fans with a better gift than this.

"Download it here, spread the word and prepare yourselves for his next album on Spectraliquid, expected to hit the stores in March 2010."

[WARNING: 800MB ZIP containing Wavs, MP3s and artwork]

IJO - 'Verbal Dance' EP BITPEP002DL [webpage with 50MB zip]
"Bit-Phalanx's veteran Acid-Jazz, Drill & Bass Lithuanian compiles six of his favourite unreleased tracks from 2005 - 2009 that demonstrate his harsher, mentalist tendencies."

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