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:: Friday, January 15, 2010 ::

MP3 Friday

OverClockHeadZ say:
"Hello every one,
We are proud to release the first OverClockHeadZ coproduction release:
MechaKucha - Messiah?
Label: NO-TEK Records
Catalog#: NO-TEK 018
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: France
Released: 25 Dec 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Speedcore, Hardcore, Breakcore

A1 What I'm Searching For 4:20
A2 Kiss Me I'm A Sociopath 2:14
B1 Making Blue Screen 4:00
B2 Flushdown 2:55
B3 Wesside Fucker 3:43

Artwork By - Brilliant Beast & Neurobug
Coproduction No-tek Overclockheadz
Thanks to all friends everywhere, you know who you are! No name-dropping needed. Underground is a state of mind and a way of living, not a brand or whatever commercial bullshit, never forget this, cause life always give people what they deserve.


Extract from the rec: www.myspace.com/mech4kuch4 => track: Making blue screen

Now available from toolbox en 3 coloured versions:
black: http://www.toolboxrecords.com/en/product/11197/hardcore/No-Tek-18-Black/
red: http://www.toolboxrecords.com/en/product/11195/hardcore/No-Tek-18-Red/
brown: http://www.toolboxrecords.com/en/product/11196/hardcore/No-Tek-18-Brown/

Thanks for your attention

Have a nice day.



NIN say (or said, as I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago):
"Our 2008 Lights In The Sky tour was an ambitious multimedia production on a scale well beyond anything we'd ever attempted before. Everyone involved was extremely proud of how it came together, and we were devastated when, for a variety of reasons, we were unable to capture it professionally for a theatrical or commercial release. As a "plan B" of sorts, early last year we released a massive 405gb free download of raw HD footage captured at three different shows during the tour. The idea was to get the footage out in the wild and see what our notoriously enterprising fans could do with it. There were no rules. No strings attached. This was a gift, and an experiment, and for the past year we've watched it come to life in more ways than we could have ever imagined."

Another Version of the Truth: The Gift

"12 months,
a core team of dozens (with a network of thousands)
spanning 3 continents,
4 languages,
5 specialist teams,
countless sleepless nights...

It's finally here.

Filmed in Sacramento, Portland, and Victoria by the Nine Inch Nails team, edited and produced by their fans, The Gift is a stunning work in 1080p High Definition video with 5.1 Surround Sound, multi-language subtitles, and artistically-driven ethics.



the orb: dolly unit

"a crazy full-steam-ahead video for "dolly unit" from the new orb album "baghdad batteries"... filmed and photographed in battersea power station and beamish open air museum with a smattering of archive footage courtesy of the prelinger archives... imagine battersea power station having a restless dream... the album's available from http://www.maliciousdamage.biz/shop/ plus most other shops on cd & download"


Simon Reynolds: on the Hardcore Continuum
"Illustrated by seminal tracks, revered journalist Simon Reynolds outlines his oft-quoted theory of a 'hardcore-continuum' that links all the UK's rapidly changing electronic music genres.
The talk at FACT was run in association with the Wire Magazine, and part of the Ding Dong exhibition."


Handmade Electronic Music – Mini Book Review
Handmade Electronic Music - The Art of Hardware Hacking - Second Edition with DVD
by Nicolas Collins
, reviewed by Leafcutter John
Includes example videos


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