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:: Thursday, January 21, 2010 ::

Anatoly Zenkov

I don't usually write posts about fellow flickr users but something really caught me with Anatoly Zenkov's work. I'm not a fan of overly photoshopped work (it has it's place but it's just a tool) but this selection shows of processing and manipulating techniques, starting from good photography as a base and working on it in Processing / Flash / Java.

Persistent pyramids (via Anatoly Zenkov)
Persistent pyramids (via Anatoly Zenkov)
"Persistent Pyramids was made with flash application that I made specially for this project."

Chocolate Factory (via Anatoly Zenkov)
Chocolate Factory (via Anatoly Zenkov)
"That's it! First step in processing."

Mouse pointer track (via Anatoly Zenkov)
Mouse pointer track (via Anatoly Zenkov)
"Mouse pointer track after 3 hours of working in Photoshop. Black circles are pointer stops (not clicks)."
Jave applet code for the click tracker is in the comments.
[originally found via grom]

Reblogged with permission. Click through to see the original flickr pages and the rest of the stream. Go on, show some love.

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