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:: Tuesday, December 08, 2009 ::

Rant U Like

Mr Free As In Freedom and all round, umm, interesting guy Richard Stallman doesn’t like bull shit. If you ever need something to be angry about you can find a useful summary in his notes archives. To quote some recent examples that caught my attention:

8 December 2009 (Abuse of anti-terrorist laws acknowledged by UK cops)
UK police officials told police to stop threatening photographers using "anti-terror" laws. Ending this one abuse of these unjust laws does not make them acceptable. Some of these laws make it a crime to be suspected, and others are handy for sabotaging protests of any kind. It is not enough for the authorities to be refrain from trampling the rights of people in one activity. The UK must explicitly restore human rights.

The UK police must also pass an "attitude" of their own: to respect people's rights instead of trying to intimidate people out of them. Do they still pressure pubs to set up cameras and let the police view the footage whenever they wish? It should be illegal for anyone to show security camera footage to the police without a court order.

8 December 2009 (Recording industry masters creative accounting)
A musician tells how his record company habitually lies to him about income even though it would not have to pay the band any money for many years.

6 December 2009 (Some very creepy politics)
Rom Houben, who has been in a coma for 23 years, is said to be conscious and able to communicate. But is it really he who is communicating?

6 December 2009 (Terrorists kill dozens in Russia)
Why it's a pointless annoyance to check train passengers' luggage for bombs.

4 December 2009 (Poster boy for torturers)
After the Bush regime's monsters tortured Abu Zubaydah, and took photos of his injuries, they showed the photos to other prisoners threatening to torture them the same way.

2 December 2009 (Paranoia reigns amongst London cops)
A BBC photographer was stopped by police from taking a photo of a cathedral in London.

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