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:: Friday, December 18, 2009 ::

MP3 Friday

December Goatlab Radio:
"On this month’s Goatlab Radio Anakissed and 606 are joined by very special guest Danny Kushlick of the Transfom Drug Policy Foundation. TDPF is the UK’s leading centre of expertise on drug policy and law reform based here in Bristol. Danny founded Transform in 1997 and has since been an active voice for the regulation and control of drugs to promote sustainable health and wellbeing. As well as interesting debate we get to hear a selection of Danny’s favorite records from his personal collection."
Direct link [58MB MP3]

BLDG BLOG on Mudd Up!
"For those of you who have enjoyed the posts here about music, sound, noise, urban acoustics, glacial reverberatories, and their like, I will be on the radio tonight speaking about those very things, in conversation with DJ /rupture on his show Mudd Up!"

MIKE PARADINAS - In The Mix - EE 2nd Yr Anniversary Show
"Plenty of splendid music on offer this week + one fucking HUGE mix from Mike Paradinas. 65 minutes - 31 tracks .... go on, have a crack at the tracklist ;)
Includes an unreleased AFX track and a shit load of Planet Mu goodies coming out in 2010"
Direct link [218MB MP3]

Iron Maiden's "The Number of the Beast" compressed over and over as an mp3 666 times

The Hijack Tape Pack Thread

Can - Silent Night


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