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:: Friday, December 11, 2009 ::

MP3 Friday

Goatlab Radio November 2009

"This month Dan Gusset and Parasite are joined by special guest Typowriter from Occational Cinema – an ongoing project which temporarily transforms neglected, reclaimed or hijacked spaces in Bristol for openair film nights. It's basicly a laptop, soundsystem and a truckload of short films with work from new and aspiring directors, classic television and music videos from the past 40 years, local and campaign news. A cinematic mixtape if you like. Anyone can do it, it's dead easy!"
[tracklisting, download [59MB MP3], stream, & sharing links on the website]

Barry Boxcutter says:
"Alright folks, I've uploaded a set recorded in the Motor Club in Seattle in September this year on the Kinnego myspace, you can get it here:
Kinnego Myspace
Thanks to everyone who made it to any of my gigs this year."
[64MB m4a]

X&trick - Rave Generation EP (BW005) [60MB RAR on Media Fire]


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