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:: Friday, December 04, 2009 ::

MP3 Friday

Skip to the End 26th November - with Juxtaposeur [tracklisting on website]
"WARNING contains adult themes, sesame street clips and scenes of a sexual nature."
Direct link [56MB MP3]

"Bit-Phalanx would like to use the opportunity of launching our new Net-Label to introduce you to the artists whose talent, charisma and… well, insane moments of musical exploration, have got Bit-Phalanx to this wonderful place today. Our 13 acts come together and form ‘The Welcoming Committee’, a free compilation sampler to show you what just what makes Bit-Phalanx tick."
Direct link [149MB zip]
HK119 vs. Bit-Phalanx ‘Fast & Cheap Über Mix’ [7.5MB MP3 on website]

From The Wire:
Taking the concept of "minimal electronica" to a new level, a group of artists have created a collection of music tracks composed in only 140 characters of SuperCollider source code. You can listen to or download the tracks here [zip].
[via dev/null]
"It started as a curious project, when live coding enthusiast and Toplap member Dan Stowell started tweeting tiny snippets of musical code using SuperCollider. Pleasantly surprised by the reaction, and "not wanting this stuff to vanish into the ether" he has recently collated the best pieces into a special download for The Wire's online readership here.

"Many of these pieces are actually generative, so if you re-run the source code (the track titles) you get a new piece of music."


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