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:: Monday, December 07, 2009 ::

Interaction and Improvisation in Electronic Music II

Clearing out some files recently I stumbled across my response to this survey of electronic musicians. Rereading my answers I noticed a change in the way I would respond that has developed over the last year.

When asked, “What is your main reference? (melody, texture, rhythm, sounds, etc)” I previously responded “Probably rhythm” and whilst that is still an important part of what I do I would say my priority is now texture. The live improvised laptopless performance I have moved towards definitely uses the layering of different textures of sound to build up a piece.

I can trace this trend back further and part of me is surprised I said rhythm is recently as a year ago. Guess I was DJing a lot more then.

Other changes would be more synthesis than re-sampling now, and more live improvisation rather than prepared jamming tools, which was always a goal so I’m glad I’ve made the jump.


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