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:: Saturday, December 05, 2009 ::

Art for Amnesty & Co. Auction

"The Bristol Group of Amnesty International is proud to be hosting an art auction to to raise funds and awareness for Amnesty International, notably human rights day coming up on 10th December, and also local projects right here in Bristol. The projects involved in the auction are The Studio Upstairs, The Rainbow Centre and Bristol Refugee Rights (see below for more details). Human rights day celebrates the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, and this year is focusing on ‘embracing diversity and ending discrimination’.

"The auction is to take place at the WATERSHED Media Centre, right in the centre of Bristol, on Saturday 5th December. The conference rooms will be open from 2pm, where people can view all of the artwork up for auction, and the event itself will start at 5pm. All of the artwork is being donated for free so all profits will go into the fundraising pot!

"The auctioneer for the night is Ed Rising from Sotheby’s! With such an accomplished professional at the reigns the auction is bound to be well run and raise as much as possible for charity."

A specially printed 8 by 20 inch canvas of my “Don’t Jump” shot is in the auction, along with works from other locals like Derren Brown...

...Mark Simmons...

...Banksy (obviously), Portishead, Bill Bailey etc. etc.

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