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:: Saturday, November 28, 2009 ::

Gig review: The Fall @ Metropolis, Bristol, 23.11.09

I've really got into The Fall in the last few years and this was my first live experience. The support wasn't to my taste but the revamped Metropolis venue (formally Jesters, formally The Magic Box, formally an art-deco picture house) is fantastic. I even over heard a very excited owner proclaiming he was going to make money for the first time since the reopening thanks to this gig.

I had expected Mark E. Smith to be fairly symbolic and couldn't-care-less about the show, if the band turned up at all. But of teh four of us who went along together, myself, one Fall veteran, and two others with a morbid interest, all of us virgins were blown away. The band were fantastically tight, keeping everything bang on even when Smith turns their amps down to inaudible levels, then cranks it back up to see the crowd go mental.

My Fall CD collection is a paltry seven and I didn't recognise a single song. New material read straight off of photocopied notes (stolen by audience members as they got dropped). The show really is the embodiment of anarchy, in a way most bands could only dream of. I was thoroughly won over and plan not to miss another opertunity to see them.

Complete photo set here

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