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:: Friday, October 30, 2009 ::

MP3 Friday

"A brand new Skip to the End (Peel to the End) is now on line at www.thejuxtaposition.co.uk/skiptotheend.html [tracklist & download link]
It includes some tributes to John Peel, some scarry, evil Monkey Funkers (just right for Halloween) and nods to the 40th anniversary of the internet plus all the usual crap.
Warning - this podcast contains some very strong language.
[Direct link to 54MB MP3]


"Continuum, the newest installment in the IDMf library, is an electronic music album to behold. Beginning with the hard-hitters and slowing down to a softer touch, this compilation showcases the diversity of genres displayed on the IDMf netlabel, including breakcore, dubstep, house, breaks, ambient, and IDM. The tracks are arranged as they would be in a double CD package: Side A includes eight tracks jam-packed with energy that smoothly segue into a lighter mix of glorious beats on Side B. IDMf is proud to introduce a few new artists along with some of “golden oldies” who have appeared on previous compilations, bringing you the most well-rounded and genre-stomping release from IDMf yet!"
It's a bit of a mixed bag but there's some nice stuff in there.

Hecq Vs Exillion - Spheres Of Fury from Tim.Chris.Film on Vimeo.

For the record, I’d like this played at my funeral, please.


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