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:: Sunday, October 04, 2009 ::

Link Dump

What sort of man wears mantyhose?
"Skinny trousers for men are everywhere. But how many will take the trend for figure-hugging legwear one step beyond, and wear tights? We road-test the look."
The video is well worth a watch for the reactions. And this is nothing like as eye-catching at the man tights from We Love Colors

Audio slideshow: Art and politics in China
"As China marks the 60th anniversary of Communist rule, Katie Hill, Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Chinese Art at the University of Westminster in London, looks at how art has moved from the realm of propaganda to the international marketplace."

Dark Nostalgia
"A new tome by design correspondent Eva Hagberg, Dark Nostalgia coins a nickname for the cozy vintage trend in interiors."
Click through for some great interior images.

Fisheye gives new route to perfect images
"A fisheye lens proposed over a century ago can produce perfectly focused images without using any exotic "negative refractive index" materials, a physicist in the UK has calculated."

Pop Life at Tate Modern: the glorification of greed?
"The new Tate Modern show puts a post-Warholian generation of artists, adept at self-promotion and at ease in the world of mass media and commerce, into an art-historical context"

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