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:: Friday, September 18, 2009 ::

MP3 Friday

SCHIZOPHRENIA 3 Madison WI USA - Aug 30 2008, posted previously but "NOTE - Sep 14, 2009: Abelcain Live @ Schizophrenia 3 [122MB MP3] is now online. If you downloaded it previously, please DELETE and RE-DOWNLOAD, as the original file was missing a large chunk."

New Kid Koala project, Music is meant to be heard… THE SLEW: 100% [82MB zip on madiafire]

The latest Planet Mu Forum Quickshots Mix can be found here

Sound Scrapers field recording blog

Miike Teknoist says:
Okay you bunch of suckers, the 3rd release on the label is the 1st of a 2 part mega pack that include either a live set or a dj set from everyone of the artists that played the ‘Undead Rave’ in July but not from the actual night… this 1st pack has:
** Scheme Boy Live from Bangface Weekender 2009 **
** Infared Live from 2 Pints Of Tekno A.Y.B.F.H 2009 **
** Tugie studio dj mix Aug 2009 **
** The Teknoist studio dj mix Aug 2009 **"


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