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:: Saturday, July 04, 2009 ::

WEFT005 - Gusset - Databent UrbEx

Video release. This is a quick 10 min version of the 45min Databent UrbEx live set I played at Bash Out at the Black Swan, Bristol on 20th June 2009.

All photographs and image & audio manipulation by Dan Gusset.
Cover image courtesy of Lisa Furness

Source audio: Field recording of metal roof in the sun by Nick Adamson, MC Prof C and MC Doc G from Radio 4, Floreo De Lamas by Guamary, The Collier's Rant by Bob Davenport, Rubik's Cube: 10.56 seconds, Grow Grow Grow by PJ Harvey @ 33RPM, The Training of O, Mothers Talk by Tears For Fears @ 17RPM, White Chalk by PJ Harvey @ 33RPM.

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