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:: Friday, July 17, 2009 ::

The war on street photography

"A Harry Potter actor has admitted growing cannabis in his mother's north-west London home. Jamie Waylett, 19, who plays bully Vincent Crabbe in the film series, pleaded guilty to growing 10 cannabis plants in tents at the Kilburn house."

Hardly a surprise when you have so many teenage actors in the spotlight, but what's shocking about this story is this line:

"The court heard police found shots of the plants on Mr Waylett's camera after he was arrested for taking a picture of officers [my emphasis] as he and a friend drove past."

And then this:

Kent Police clamp down on tall photographers

The war on street photography

The new MET guidelines for offers is here.

Quoting the Reg:

"At the heart of the present controversy is the question of when behaviour becomes suspicious. Advice we have received suggests that the police may arrest an individual under PACE s.1 or the Terrorism Act s.44 where they have reasonable suspicion that an illegal act is being carried out.

"In other words, photography on its own is not suspicious behaviour: police suspicions need to be grounded in other evidence, and it is not reasonable to throw a blanket suspicion over the activities of all photographers.

"Yet here is the Met guidance in respect of s.44: "Officers have the power to view digital images contained in mobile telephones or cameras... provided that the viewing is to determine whether the images... are of a kind, which could be used in connection with terrorism."

"Not quite. The Met guidelines make no mention of reasonable suspicion: in effect, they duck the single issue that is at the heart of so much grief."

In other photography related news:
Flexible fabric that takes 'takes pictures'
Exploiting Collective Effects of Multiple Optoelectronic Devices Integrated in a Single Fiber
Ideal for adaptive camouflage I imagine. Future street photographers could wear outfits made out of this so that they can capture the images they want unobtrusively whilst simultaneously blending into the scenery.

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