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:: Monday, June 01, 2009 ::

Photo Marathon

Mrs P and I both took part in the Second Look Photo Marathon two weeks ago. 110 disposable cameras spent a Saturday out hunting for a shots of:
1 Your Entry Number
2 Steps
3 Circles
4 Reflection
5 Sign Of The Times
7 Layers
8 Closed
9 Rainbow
10 X Marks The Spot
11-20 Bristol Today

These are our circles shots, Amanda's top, mine bottom.

2nd Look Photo Marathon May 09 - Circles

Complete set here.

There's a review of the event over on Suit Yourself. I'll just say that its great fun and great exercise! There's another event planned for the autumn.

Ambulance crew make emergency Greg's pasty stop:

2nd Look Photo Marathon May 09 - Dan - Bristol Today - Gregs Emergency

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