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:: Friday, May 01, 2009 ::

MP3 Friday

Pete says:
"The annual WoBcast is now online at www.thejuxtaposition.co.uk/wobcasts.html just in time for our 3rd birthday. A new Skip to the End will be going out live on Thursday [yesterday, sorry] at 9 from www.sound-unsound.com
Have a good week.
Direct links:
Wobcast 28 [70.5MB MP3]
Wobcast 28 Bonus Beats [70.5MB MP3]
Tracklists on the weblink above

Sunken Foal say, "Hey there - here's a little video thrown together for a new track"


"Leeds legend and a man who surely can’t remain in the shadows of the underground for long, Prod makes his welcome debut on Dead Channel with a collection of gems from his personal archive.

"Multi instrumentalist, achingly talented and completely devoid of the sort of ego you normally associate with such things, Prod has honed his craft almost to the point of absolute perfection. Although this album lacks a lot of the vocal and instrumental elements that are such a feature of his new material (check the awesome new album ‘The Artworks Formerly known as Prints’ out now on Pollinate Records) it still has a musical depth that many attain to, yet few attain.
Add to that a dose of fun, and a keen eye on the dance floor and you have what will, we’re sure, become a future Dead Channel classic."

Direct link [ZIP]

Cranched For Now - Swine Flu Radio PSAs 1976
"Back in 1976, Gerald Ford and the Center for Disease Control wanted you to get a shot for the Swine Flu. Here are some government produced public service announcements sent out to radio stations across the country that summer:
Give a listen:
Passalong :60
Passalong :30
Skeptic - Truckdriver :10
Skeptic - Woman :10
Skeptic - Male Executive :10


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