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:: Saturday, May 23, 2009 ::

Five go mad in Barrow

Barrow 32

A couple of weeks ago five Second Look photography group members decided to spend our Saturday afternoon poking around the former Barrow Gurney Mental Hospital on the outskirts of Bristol. It was shut down in 2006 after being declared the dirtiest hospital in the UK. One of our number gave us a quick Health & Safety briefing as we trudged out way there, "Don't lick anything," he said. That was it.

The site is partially demolished and is guarded by a very big dog. And there's asbestos around. And lots of broken glass and unsafe floors. Don't go there unless you're stupid.

We've got some great shots and as a bonus a female passenger in a passing car flashed her breasts at us as we made our way back to civilisation. All in all it was a fairly surreal afternoon.

My photo set is here.
Many others have been there before and you can chart the sites decline through these links. In no particular order:
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:: Dan 23.5.09 [Arc] [1 comments] [links to this post] ::
A family member once ended up there with postnatal depression. Not sure I can click through on this yet, bad memories and whatnot, but bookmarked for the future.
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