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:: Thursday, April 16, 2009 ::

Typewriter Art

Well done, Keira!

"I have had lot of press interest since early January which spread throughout the world in a very short space of time, I was featured in my local newspaper The Daily Echo, followed the next day by a report on ITV Meridian (introduced by the one and only Fred Dinenage!), followed that same week in The Sun, The Telegraph, The Mail; and The Express a couple of weeks later. International newpapers and magazines expressed a massive interest and I've been featured in Brazilian, Portuguese, Spanish, Belgian and Chinese newspapers; and featured on hundreds of online blogs and news sites.

"I am involved in The Drawing Exchange in Bristol on the May bank hoilday (1-4th May 2009) with my typewriter I will be drawing visual stories from different locations around the city using the letters and numbers of my marvellous orange machine! See festival website."

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