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:: Monday, April 13, 2009 ::

The Guernsey Press

Guernsey Press 1

Returning to my occasional series of reviews of local news papers, the latest to cross my desk is The Guernsey Press. All of the best local newspapers serve their local community with stories of local interest and best of all, to an outside reader, local interest that could not possibly be of interest to an outside reader.

Sometime through shear lack of things local interest many papers stray into other nearby geographic locales for padding. On an island of ~65,000 there is little scope for this. The occasional reference to nearby Jersey is made but not when it can be avoided. Not when you can fill a full page with sic recent graduation photos of islanders.

Guernsey Press 2

Not when a Woodcock has been spotted.

Guernsey Press 3

Not when a local policeman is accused of harbouring a grudge against a woman who ran over his foot six years ago.

Guernsey Press 4

Not when you can indulge in a good old fashioned witch-hunt!

The builder I met on site told me many interesting stories about the local life and history. All of which I found in that days paper. I felt like you could go there and and read up on everything that you could possibly need to know in one handy information repository that would fit on the table next to your pint. Local news at it's best!

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