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:: Wednesday, April 08, 2009 ::

Can you tell I'm in a bad mood today?

Secularists claim chaplains are a waste of taxpayers' money

"Chaplaincy services are costing the NHS more than £32 million every year, according to figures obtained from hospital trusts.This money could instead be used to pay for another 1,300 nurses or 2,500 cleaning staff."

That's my money! (As a tax payer. Admittedly I'd have a greater claim if I smoked too.) Seeing it pissed up the wall by zealots leaching on to the most vulnerable is a fucking outrage.

Yes, you can have Chaplins if people want them. No, I am not prepared to pay towards them. Keep them away from me, keep them away from people not old enough to have made up their own minds, and if you have to pay these fuckwits for their "services" you can pay them through donations from other fuckwits.

Are my feelings clear enough on this?

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