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:: Tuesday, March 24, 2009 ::

Leafcutter John Remix Competition now open!


John says:

Just before I head out on tour with Polar Bear I want to let you know that the files are now up for the Remix Competition.

Included in the download you’ll find all the stems from the MicroSong ‘Big Black Eyes’
They are encoded as good quality MP3’s.

Your job is to make a fantastic remix using whatever tools are at your disposal.

There are a few simple rules:

1. You have until 30th April to complete your Remix and send it to me in MP3 form. There are no restrictions on style. The email address to send your entry is included with the download package. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT SEND: AIFF, WAV, or an uncompressed files!

2. You may add your own sound sources but please retain some of the originals or it’s not really a re-mix is it? You may chop, mangle, distress, sew, dilute, boil down amongst other treatments.

3. There will be one winner chosen by Leafcutter John and the winner will receive a very special prize, or a CD or something not too difficult to post. Winners will be announced as soon as possible after all the entries have been heard.

Depending on how many entries we get, we’ll try and put all the remixes up at leafcutterjohn.com

Don't forget, Polar Bear on tour, Bristol gig at the Arnolfini on April 3rd.

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