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:: Tuesday, March 10, 2009 ::


FoxyTunes - Yahoo! Media Player

"The latest version of FoxyTunes automatically detects web pages that have music on them, allows playing this music right there on the page with the Yahoo! Media Player, and conveniently control it from FoxyTunes."

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:: Dan 10.3.09 [Arc] [2 comments] [links to this post] ::
Except I've found that since upgrading to FF3, YMP (or, for that matter any flash audio player on a webpage) just doesn't work! I have to go through Safari to play any audio files.
This works for me (on FF3) although I had the same initial problem with flash players. It turned out to be another add-on conflict and I had to disable one of them. I don't remember which now but if you google around you should find some ideas. Good luck!
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