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:: Tuesday, March 10, 2009 ::

Boomshank Shakedown

Alan Titmash at work
"Alan Titmash at work"

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Boomshank Redemption gig on Saturday. It was my first London gig and I really enjoyed it. It went well and the crowd were great. Thanks too to everyone I caught up with and chatted to, especially Johnny for putting me on the bill (happy birthday btw), Phil and Sigrid for putting me up, Rory, Ameet and Sarah for their great sets, James, it was good to meet you finally, and the dude I met previously at the Wrong gig in Brighton, sorry I've forgotten your name again.

I'm still playing Mixxx DJ sets at the moment since my move to Ubuntu but it's given me a lot of freedom to match the set to the crowd, so this one was heavy on the gabba and breakcore as that's what people were asking for.

When I'm having a good gig I do like to chat a bit over it and this was the first time I used a Mark E. Smith style rant I'd written after some friends lost their jobs recently. I used it over the final tune and ended it abruptly to see what the reaction was. In the sudden silence that followed me pulling the cables I heard two lone voices from the front of the crowd. One said, "thank fuck for that," the other, "that was intense." I take the second one as a compliment, just, but the first tells me I over did it a bit. Useful feedback.

Sunday Morning
"Sunday morning in a cafe near Paddington Station. The wobby reflection in the bar was a nice analogy of how I was feeling."

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