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:: Friday, February 27, 2009 ::

MP3 Friday

Goatlab Radio Feb 2009 [61MB MP3]
Tracklist etc

The Battleground Bristol gig is tomorrow night at Motion Skate Park. Remarc, Bizzy B, Parasite, Shitmat, Ladyscraper and may others on the line up. New DJ mixes from Demon Cabbage, Ebola and Parasite are now streaming from the website.

sadra hemati says:
"heyhey! here's my latest release, some proper lofi experimental
chiptune breakcore beats. I have added the front and back cover.
Thanks for everything & cheers from holland!"
Heres the link

From the Physics Web mailing list:
"I have just heard what has to be the longest string of physics jokes ever uttered on the radio. I was listening to the BBC Radio 4 programme “Old Harry’s Game”, in which the comedian Andy Hamilton plays Satan and is set in hell. Early in the episode we learn that Einstein is detained at Old Harry’s pleasure — indeed all deceased scientists are there it seems. What follows is a string of gags on everything from Schroedinger’s Cat to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle — and a joke of dubious taste about Stephen Hawking’s ability to play table tennis.
CULTURAL WARNING: Like most early-evening broadcasts on Radio 4 this programme could be a bit too “jolly-hockeysticks” for the non-British listener."
Listen on the BBC iPLayer

From Bottle Imp
"I don't have any exciting news this week, but I want to share a cool interview with BLÆRG by The Headphone Commute, a music blog all of you should check out anyway. They turn me onto all kinds of good, new music."
( Read The Whole Interview )

Also, remember, these albums are still available, and still entirely free:

Click Point, "EXP 1" - Industrial / Ambient from Detroit

AMNION, "EXP 1" - Experimental dark ambient

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