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:: Friday, January 02, 2009 ::

MP3 Friday

My netlabel is now live. Head over to WEFT to see what's on offer. To kick things off the sold out Gusset CDr releases from 2003 and 2004 are both now available as ZIP downloads of the MP3s and artwork.

WEFT001 - Gusset - Silencio EP ver 3.001a9k [35MB ZIP]

WEFT002 - Gusset - Skidmark EP [58MB ZIP]

A new Jilk EP will follow shortly as well as a few other project ideas that I'm cooking up.

In non-Gussety news, check out the stream of Animal Collective live in concert over on NPR.

More psychedelic fun on Toykult's Eyes on Vin Diesel EP. Email the address on this link to be sent a download link.

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