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:: Friday, December 12, 2008 ::

MP3 Friday

Goatlab Radio with Anakissed, Parasite & Dan Breakwhore - December 2008 [66MB MP3]

"This month we’ve got a great selection of exclusive Bristol Breakcore dubplates courtesy of our special guest Dan Breakwhore. Dan is part of the Blunderphonics Crew who are known for putting on some pretty rawkus parties in Bristol (including the St. Paul’s Carnival after-party at the Black Swan!). But more notably, there is wealth of extremely talented (and largely unreleased) producers who fall under the Blunderphonics umbrella, making them a force to be reckoned with!

"Throughout the show Anakissed treats us to some vinyl rare/oddities from her extensive collection, and Parasite drops a new Shitmat track (Death$ucker exclusive!!!)."

Tracklist etc here

Parasite - Wedding Disco Mix 2008 [68MB MP3]
Tracklisting in comments

shitmat says:
"i supprisingly hate makin xmas mashups
i despise doing it .. scrooge on a pc
allthough some years i feel obliged too
one even made it onto full english anyways
here's one i did today to
distract me from what i was meant to be doing"

Aphex Twin - Selected Orchestral Versions 08
Originally uploaded by bosbos.

"I put together this cover while inspired by the fantastic orchestral arrangements of Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works by Dave Regolith/Rave Degolith of ninja forum fame. Get them while you still can."

hellboy says:
"my labels first release for those who missed my last post
lots more on the way in 2009
anyone interested getting involved send DEMO to this adress
all the best
The Teknoist (Fyerhammer), Floorclearer, Randomoidz, Oozat, Surachi, The Nailbomb Cults and Alan Titmash are all on this, amongst others.


:: Dan 12.12.08 [Arc] [1 comments] [links to this post] ::
Parasite - Wedding Disco Mix 2008 Tracklisting
01. Heatwave - Beenie Man (Rolex It Up)
02. Toecutter - Best Party Ever
03. DJ Donna Summer - Sweet Ass Child O Mine
04. Salt n Pepper - Push It (DJ Donna Summer remix)
05. The V.I.P. (aka Patric C) - Let There Be House
06. Monster Zoku Onsomb! - Xylophobia
07. Schlachthofbronx - Fatthing (Dubstep RMX) / Team Shadetek - Brooklyn Anthem ft. 77Klash & Jah Dan Acappella
08. The Bug ft. Warrior Queen - Poison Dart
09. Cauto - Old School
10. DJ Donna Summer - Rock Rock Rock (DJ C's Fuck Fuck Fuck remix)
11. DJ Donna Summer - Wonder Years
12. Shitmat - DJ Got Virus
13. Unknown - Neverending Story (Happy Hardcore Remix)
14. Shitmat - Sniffer Dogs
15. Shitmat - Front 2 Da Back
16. Monster Zoku Onsomb! - Children Of The Atom
17. Monster Zoku Onsomb! - Team Siouxsie
18. Venetian Snares - Twelve
19. Stivs & Getafix - Pass Me A Bad Tune
20. Terry Lynn - System
21. Mrs. Jynx - My Friend T3 [Remix of Resynthesize]
22. DJ Pierre - Box Energy (AFX 4 Remix 1)
23. Cycheouts Ghost - KW176
24. Stivs - Cuss RMX
25. Ed Cox - Tetris Theme
26. Superkopter - Wonderful Land
27. Random Bit Generator - El Barrio Contra Mix
28. P Reno - Cause I'm A Man
29. Amph - My Girl
30. DJ Donna Summer - The Birdie Song
31. Smokey Robinson - Tears Of A Clown
32. Mrs. Jynx - Chocolate Oranges
33. Modeselektor ft. Thom Yorke - The White Flash
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