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:: Wednesday, December 31, 2008 ::

2008 Reading List

Time for my annual reading round up. This year I have been mostly reading...

Richard Dawkins – The God Delusion
Joe Inglis - The Greatest Cat Tips in the World
Isaac Asimov – Foundation & Empire
Collected works - Dream on: Bristol Writers on Cinema
Mike Alsford - What If? Religious Themes in Science-Fiction
Eugene Byrne & Simon Gurr - The Bristol Story [1.3MB PDF flyer]
Peter Barber - The Map Book
Philip K Dick - The Simulacra
Dominic Bliss - Being the Best Man For Dummies [see this post]
David Gerrold [Ed] - Taking the Red Pill: Science, Philosophy and Religion in "The Matrix" *
Oh No It Isn't – A History of Pantomime *
Peter Lathan - It's Behind You!: The Story of Panto *
Mark Thomas - As Used on the Famous Nelson Mandela
Stanshaw Lem - A Perfect Vacuum
Belio [Ed] – Pencil Break
Brian Aldiss – Brothers of the Head
David Brunner - The Cat Owners Manual
Ken Garner - The Peel Sessions: A Story of Teenage Dreams and One Man's Love of New Music
John Wyndam - Jizzle
Stuart Maconie – Pies and Prejudice
John Robb - Punk Rock: An Oral History **
Troy Paiva - Night Vision: The Art of Urban Exploring

* As mentioned on the September Skip to the End radio show
** As mentioned on the November Goatlab radio show


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