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:: Tuesday, November 18, 2008 ::

Who's who in the BNP

BNP membership list leaks online

The British National Party has lost its membership list - the whole thing has been published online.

The list includes names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of all members up to September 2008. It also includes some people's ages, especially those under 18 - the BNP offers family membership for £40. Many entries also contain more personal comments about jobs or hobbies. That's how we know that that BNP members include receptionists, district nurses, amateur historians, pagans, line dancers and a male witch.

Members have unsurprisingly reacted with outrage. One commenter said: "I'm also on the list, what the f#ck is going on? I could lose my job." Another: "The most shocking thing is some of the comments by the names! God help anyone who is in the army, the pison [sic] service, health care, police officer or a teacher." Several professions in the UK are expected to refrain from party political activities. ...


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:: Dan 18.11.08 [Arc] [7 comments] [links to this post] ::
OH MY GOD I MUST HAVE THIS. It's proving annoying to search for though.
Found it: http://bnpmemberslist.blogspot.com/
6 people living right near me are on that list. The best part about this is that there's an idea that anti-racists would go and attack these people. Um, no. We're all going to make you feel ashamed of yourselves, but we're not going to physically attack you. Anyone that does that is just trying to start a fight.
damn no one at all near me on the isle of wight. No chance of a nice blackmail windfall, thought i was in for some easy money.lol.
You'd think with a name like the Isle of Wight they'd be flockin' there.
lol dan, good one. i doubt they could afford to live there or are educated enough.

i'm having trouble finding the list as well! the bnpmemberslist.blogspot.com link is down.

any alternatives?
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