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:: Saturday, November 15, 2008 ::

Taking Liberties

Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Taking Liberties, Introduced by Bristol No2ID
Monday 1st December 2008 8pm @ Cube Cinema, Stokes Croft, Bristol.
Entry £3/£4 (but nobody refused entry for a lack of funds.)

Taking Liberties is BAFTA nominated director Chris Atkins's film that uncovers the stories the government don't want you to hear so ridiculous you will laugh, so ultimately terrifying you will want to take action. Teenage sisters detained for 36 hours for a peaceful protest; an RAF war veteran arrested for wearing an anti-Bush and Blair T-shirt; an innocent man shot in a police raid; and a man held under house arrest for two years, after being found innocent in court. Law-abiding citizens being punished for ordinary activities, after a decade of dangerous laws have demolished the rights which we fought for over centuries.

The film will be introduced by by Dave Gould of the Bristol No2ID campaign.


Map: Cube Cinema: Dove St South (off Kings Square), Bristol

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