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:: Wednesday, November 12, 2008 ::

Katy Perry's Gusset

Katy Perry's Gusset
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I was reading someone else's Metro over their shoulder on the bus last night when this photo caught my eye. I love the way the pedals at the front make it look like some dancer is in the middle of some extreme noise improvisation performance. In fact, it's just Katy Perry having a wardrobe malfunction near a guitarist, but I prefer the noise idea. Maybe she consider it as a back up career.

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:: Dan 12.11.08 [Arc] [2 comments] [links to this post] ::
I also prefer the noise idea! ...although her wardrobe does not really fit the usual-noise-improvisation-performance-doing-girl's dresscode. ;-)
It gives her a unique angle on it. Like Yeldham with his Dynamic Ribbon Device or Greenlee with his Writing Pad controller or Goodiepal with his Birdcage. Perry with her Wardrobe Malfunction. Maybe should could borrow Leafcutter John's MIDI Bra?
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