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:: Monday, November 03, 2008 ::

Circuit Blasting

Disinformation vs Strange Attractor
Originally uploaded by Mark Pilkington.

"Circuit Blasting emerged [when] chemist and artist names Richard Brown, told me how back in the early 80s he'd accidentally zapped a casio keyboard with a violet ray device to produce some interesting effects. In the spirit of scientific enquiry, Joe and I attacked an old Yamaha keyboard I have with one of the VRs and sure enough it triggered off a wild volley of random preset sounds, often at the same time. So we've now turned this into a performance. Our debut was at the London Dorkbot gathering in January [2006]. I was concerned that such hardened, jaded geeks would have seen it all before, but we got a fairly rapturous reception."

I found some cct blasting photos a couple of years ago and went looking for MP3s to post. Make blog explains. Audio recordings were elusive and I forgot all about it. Until I stumbled across the Strange Attractor website (after reading about Welcome to Mars in Nude Magazine)
and realised that the great ADAADAT released a CD (clips in link) of this back in Jan 2007 and there's an MP3 CD with over 13 hours of Resonance FM recordings on it. I have a feeling these were in my podcasts before the great hard drive crash, so I may have to invest in the disk.

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