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:: Friday, October 31, 2008 ::

MP3 Friday

My two Skip to the End DJ sets have been assembled into a handy mixtape format for the Wrong Music Mixtapes Blog. The hardcore retro elite will download this and record it to a C60. The rest of you can enjoy it on your swanky iPod or whatever you use.

Skip to the Gusset

[2x68MB MP3 on webpage with tracklistings]

Skip to the End 30th October - with Juxtaposeur and Special Guest Andrewherring
[Tracklist and download on link]

Tophee Cheesecake says:
"My brand new 76 mn. "Nice And Queasy" [175MB MP3] Hallowe'en mix is available for free download ! It's eerie, it's cheesy, it's creepy !
Enjoy ! :)
xxx T."
Tracklist and stream 1
Tracklist and stream 2

Fathme and Cock Rock Disco present: "The Beast Within" Crockmp12
A remix compilation of the greatest campy horror movies ever made

"On the exact stoke of midnight a foul evil was unleashed upon the hapless world. 14 decaying flesh-eater were asked to cannibalize their favorite 80's horror films and the result is a defamation to all that is holy. Fathme and Cock Rock Disco team up to give you this repellent mp3 compilation in hopes that all goodness will be drained from the world, one free download at a time..."

Electric Proms:
Milanese live video from Radio Merseyside's Peel night
45min Goldfrapp live show video and Clowns download.

[NETLABEL] CF009 - Idiron Soundtrack - Manifest Sounds EP [48MB zip]

ACP032 The Last Sound - Ex-Relics - 3 tracks

Combat020: Scorn - SUPER MANTIS remixes previews
Vinyl & download release autumn 2008
A Super Mantis (Elemental remix)
B Super Mantis (Threnody remix)
YouTube video from the mastering session:

Check Stewart Lee's archives for some classic old radio shows (probable repost) including his appearances on Herasy, Armando Iannucci's Charm Offensive (x2), Chain Reaction etc. and video of his reunion with Richard Herring last year.

"Half rave half dubstep, or something like that :-)"

"Brainlove Records founder, DJ and music writer John Brainlove has launched a new series of Brainlove podcasts with a special first episode dedicated to the recent Airwaves 08 festival. Made up of songs new and old and field recordings taken in various parts of Iceland, the podcast aims to evoke the atmosphere of the country and of the festival. Many of the songs and mixes were played at the Brainlove Airwaves DJ night at Reykjavik's legendary Kaffibarrin bar, with the podcast idea coming from requests of enthusiastic local attendees for an online mixtape."
Worthwhile for the field recordings. I could give or take most of the rest of it.


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